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My motto:

„Each and every single project is a unique exploration of curiosity and experimentation“


2000-2006 University of Art&Design, MgA. in Graphic design, Voronezh, Russia,

                          studio of graphic design, studio of J.V. Eroshenko, academic artist 

1990-2000  Gymnasium of liberal arts, Voronezh, Russia 

1992-1996     Art school named after E.M. Belyaev, Bryansk, Russia 

Solo exhibitions:

2024 “Collection of emotions”, Bid4Auction” & Artnumber 123 gallery, Prague, CZ

2022  Meaningful Vernisage at Biegun presentation spaces, Brno, CZ

2022  solo exhibition "Outside of Expression" at STEINER gallery, Vienna, Austria

2022  exhibition at coworking Impact Hub, Brno, CZ

2022  Vernisage at Biegun presentation spaces, Brno, CZ

2021   Art gallery at MK gallery, Brno, CZ

2020 Presented at Beauty&Art studio MYTON, Brno, CZ

Group exhibitions:

2024 “February exhibition”, Port Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2024 “Fialový pštros”, Slovanský dům, Prague, CZ 

2023 "Dreams", Gallery UXVAL GOCHES , Barcelona, Spain

2023  group exhibition "Women's power", castle gallery "HAGA", Dolní Kounice, Brno, CZ 

2023 digital exhibition at the New York Art Expo, NYC, USA

2023 digital exhibition at JOHNATHAN SCHULTZ GALLERY, Miami, USA

2022  exhibition at ART BASEL Art Week in Miami, USA

2022 exhibition at Lelie Galerij gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2022  Art & Wine Festival at Dürnstein Abbey, Austria

2022 exhibition " Flower Obsession",  Stefania Carrozzini Gallery, Venice, Italy

2022 exhibition " Flower Obsession",  MyMicroGallery, Milan, Italy

2022 exhibition " ZONES OF IMMATERIAL SENSITIVITY", Camden Image Gallery, London, UK.

2015  workshop "Art of nature" at the business conferention, Slovak Tatras

2007 International ART&design festival, Moscow, Russia

2006 Final diploma exhibition „Impact of Design“ at the University studio, Voronezh, Russia

2005 International design exhibition „Best graphic design of the year“, Moscow, Russia

2005 exhibition "Beyond reality", Voronezh, Russia

Upcoming exhibition and shows:

exhibition at the Agora gallery, New York, USA

Appraisal, shows and presentation:

2022 Intuitive abstraction, Art workshop, hotel Kamzik Jesenik, South Czechia, Czechia

2022 vernisage and live Art show "We are people" at Biegun presentation spaces, Brno, CZ

2022 article at international magazine "The World of Interior", VOGUE House, London (May, June and July issues)

2021  presented by Young Real Art, online gellery, Prague 

2021  Artmajeur: appraisal for selected artwork of the month by French curator and editor Nicolas Sarazin („Cocktail V“, 2021)

2021 Artmajeur: selection of the best artworks by French curator

          and editor Nicolas Sarazin („Pink glasses“, 2021)

2021 presentation at Volvo showroom, Prague, CZ

Artist Statement:

My subject matter tends to be those emotional moments of finding the beauty and harmony  – the in-between spaces of our lives that we see but often do not notice. For me, these paintings are about the pleasure of seeing; of being cognizant of the world around me and pushing to find an alchemy between the paint, my subject and the moment. I follow the intuition and apply the knowledge and experience. Each and every single project is a unique exploration of curiosity and experimentation. 

Inspiration and Creating process:

​Travel and outdoor adventure are her favorite sources of inspiration. Through the art creation she searches for a New. She experiments and does not close into one. Regardless of the chosen medium, she create abstract art, in most cases by layering technique. She express through painting, concentrating on form and color.

When creating her abstracts she do not impose, but give choice for feelings and thoughts. 

She tries to extend my art receiver imagination by transmitting an impulse.

Her paintings are more about emotions and intuition, which helps and leads her through the whole creating process. Results of creation are always unpredictable and this is what she likes the most.

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