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Workshop by artist Evgeniya Zolotareva, hotel Kamzík, Jeseník 2022

I was very happy to have all participants of “Summer camp” by IPA Slovakia at my worksop.

At first, participants were constrained, but I was pleasant to observe as gradually people start to feel comfortable and brave👍🏻 The aim of this workshop was completed 💯 . As we all mainly have situation in our lives where we need to control and think about consequences, the aim of workshop was the contrary - drop stiffness and control and fell free minded to create.

The original idea was to give each their canvas to paint on it. In many cases people feel limited and constrained when in front of canvas along with themselves. So, I decided to make the task easier by

joining all canvases together and painting together. I was really impressed by the fact how all participants opened and rushed to paint in a fit and without restrictions. After session they were surprised by the result, when we looked at each canvas as a separate painting.

Thanks to all❤️

Special thanks to Jan Košturiak, president of

Art workshop by artist Evgeniya Zolotareva, hotel Kamzík, Malá Moravka

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